Choosing an incubator – the benefits of sharing and networking.

Choosing an incubator – the benefits of sharing and networking.

In recent years we have seen a huge influx of initiatives that focus on the accommodation and / or guidance of young entrepreneurs. Start-Ups are hip and many actors – governments, investors, consultants – like to share their attention and success, but this does not detract from the fact that even the entrepreneur has much to gain from the choice for an incubator, accelerator or coworking initiative.

Incubators have grown from the philosophy of the ‘shared economy’ on the one hand and the ‘networked economy’ on the other, and with both, you can benefit as a starter. You share certain facilities in an incubator. For example, Darwin has several meeting rooms, a fully equipped auditorium, a cozy coffee bar, a cafeteria and an attractive reception. Just because you share the costs of such equipment, you can have an attractive working environment from the start. This way you immediately create a professional impression on customers, suppliers, investors and other partners.

The so-called ‘networked economy’ also has its trump cards. The idea behind it is that as a starter you surf on the network of the incubator itself. For example, via Darwin you have direct access to the University of Antwerp with its specialized research infrastructure, broad expertise and pool of future employees. In addition, the incubator can rely on a network of experts on protection of intellectual property, tax optimization, contracting smart contracts and recruiting staff. And finally there is also the network of fellow entrepreneurs, starters & SMEs with whom you can exchange ideas on a regular basis.

In short, everything for a flying start.

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