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What is coming up in the Science Park University of Antwerp? </ strong>

POM Antwerp bought 11 private plots at the ‘s Herenbaan with a total surface area of ​​14,000 m². The following real estate developments have just been completed or are in the pipeline.

  • Overflow parking next to Darwin incubator: 60 places.
    More parking space for visitors and staff! Available from October 2018.


  • Hybrid industrial hall Hippocrates </ strong> of 1400 m²
    This will consist of 5 units. A 400 m³ unit for the Anicells project. The other units will be sold or rented to companies from the park. One unit will serve as a warehouse and consist of smaller modules and will also be made available to the companies located in the park. The units will be rented or sold. When done? End of 2019.


  • Logistics demonstration center LOG! Ville of 2500 m²
    This building includes a physical demonstration room, open test room and a multimedia demonstration room, as well as a number of office and meeting facilities. When done: Spring 2020.


  • Extra building with office space </ strong> of approx. 4,000 m²
    Negotiations are being conducted with 2 companies from the park for the construction of extra office buildings of 5,000 and 2,000 m³ respectively. When done? Spring 2020

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