Meaning name Coffee Bar Harriet

Coffee Bar Harriet has officially started since mid-May 2017. The ideal place to de-stress with a nice cup of tea, meet informally at a delicious cup of coffee or just start your day. But why now just this name?

Who’s Harriet?

Harriet was a 180 kg heavy Galapagos giant tortoise that was about 176 years old. In 1835 Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands on his journey with the Beagle (his ship) and thus brought Harriet to England together with two other turtles. The sex was unknown for a long time, the original name of the animal was Harry. Her birthday was always celebrated on November 15th. So keep an eye on this date because we celebrate this in Coffee Bar Harriet!

Why Evolutionary?

We are at the Science Park University of Antwerp: a stimulating unique business park for innovative entrepreneurs from start-up to multinational. The sector focus is life sciences, environmental sciences and IT. Harriet is the home bar of Incubator Darwin

What’s the link between a turtle and a Coffee Bar?

The meaning of turtles does not, of course, only relate to the well-known wisdom of these creatures. The turtle also symbolizes longevity, strength, reliability, determination, security, stability, protection, generosity, goodness, patience, strength and endurance. Also the link with the slowing down, stress and just enjoyment can be quickly associated with a turtle and fits perfectly with a place like a coffee bar.


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