What exactly is Science Park University of Antwerp?

Welcome to Science Park University of Antwerp, the ideal operational base for knowledge-intensive companies.

Science Park UAntwerp is an exceptionally well-situated research park with office space and laboratories for startups, emerging and large companies in the health, environment, IT and logistics sectors. An intelligent combination of knowledge clustering, inspiring architecture, professional business support services and convenient accessibility within the Antwerp-Brussels transport hub.


Where once clay pits were dug and bricks were laid out to dry, scientists and entrepreneurs are now building the future, surrounded by unspoiled nature.


All knowledge-based companies that make a meaningful contribution through their research to a positive impact on nature, our environment, the food chain, public health and the technological sector, are welcome on the research campus. Science Park University of Antwerp has deliberately opted for a broad, open interpretation of the research expertise at the park. After all, the greater the diversity of companies, the more interesting the potential cross-pollination between them.

Who actually manages the Science Park?

Science Park University of Antwerp is a partnership between the Development Authority of the Province of Antwerp (POM Antwerp) and the University of Antwerp. The aim of this unique collaboration and site is to stimulate, promote and support innovative entrepreneurship in the Province of Antwerp.

POM Antwerp is the owner, manager and developer of the Science Park. By setting up sustainable business parks around strategic knowledge clusters, POM Antwerp aims to boost the economy of the Antwerp region.

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The University of Antwerp is the connection for scientific knowledge and provides a constant influx of new insights and potential for valorisation. The university is physically present thanks to the proximity of the Drie Eiken campus. In addition, the Department of Valorisation is the point of contact for all types of academic collaboration and knowledge transfer.

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