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The GreenLung: Creating better air with space technology - event - 22/04


Indoor air is a crucial factor affecting our well-being. Pollution has a direct impact on health, resulting in physical complaints, illness or even reduced work productivity. Ventilating well and refreshing the airflow is important. But outside air as well can be polluted with dust particles and organic pollutants. Therefore, additional treatment is needed. On top of that, intensive air refreshing requires an optimal energy management system.  

And that is what the GreenLung offers. Unlike existing filter technologies, the GreenLung is a circular system, with microalgae converting CO2 from ambient air into O2. The concept also allows quick local solutions for indoor air treatment where ventilation is not evident. 

The GreenLung concept is derived from closed-loop technology for future space stations on the Moon or Mars. Within a VLAIO Space Labs project, Redwire Space, UAntwerp, Achilles Design and POM Antwerp set to work to further develop the technology for applications in everyday, terrestrial, environments.


They will be happy to share the findings and results with you on April 22nd, 2024 at the SciencePark UAntwerp. So discover for yourself how the GreenLung improves your ambient air and that of your customers, employees, ...


15h00 – Reception with coffee
15h30 – Word of Welcome, by Science Park UAntwerp
15h45 – Clean indoor air: A debate on the importance of clean air, determinants, standards and measures for improvement, moderated by Frank Pieters, chairman of eu.reca
16h30 –  From Outer Space to Everyday Place: Optimisation of the GreenLung technology, by Dries Demey, Redwire Space
16h45 –  Abatement of indoor air pollutants with GreenLlung photobioreactor, by Kobe Schoofs, UAntwerp
16h55 – How can oxygen generators from space be relevant to you?, by Per Mans, Achilles Design
17h15 – Closing Remarks
17h20 – Demo small scale prototype and networking
19h00 – End of the event

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Hope to see you at our Sciencepark UAntwerp.

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