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Table tennis tournament is back!


Two years ago our table tennis tournament was a success. So, time to bring this back again to our Darwin Incubator. Register with your company and let’s hope the best team will win.


Between August 18th and August 27th, each team plays a match of 11 points against each other. For the ranking, the winner gets 3 points, the loser 0. As two years ago, you can consult your score on the whiteboard at the reception. The best teams will play the big final against each other on August 30th. In case of a tie, we will look at the difference in points won per game. The winning team receives their prize after the big final.


Registrations will close on Thursday morning 10 a.m., 12th of August. On Friday you will receive via email the names of the opponents against who you have to play.

Be fast, because only 12 teams can join the game. 


Hope to see you at the table!

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