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We are working hard to transform the Science Park into an exemplary park when it comes to sustainability and environmental impact. This falls under the duties of the contact person for mobility: Frank Vaes.

What infrastructure can you use?

Charge your car @ the Science Park

More and more people are using an electric car to reduce their impact on the environment. We can only applaud this stance. To give the growth in the number of e-drivers a boost, we have invested in 3 charging stations that together can provide 6 cars with energy. EV-Point is installing two charging stations at the Darwin car park (number 15) and one at the Archimedes building (number 18). Due to the growth in the number of e-drivers, we thought carefully about a sustainable model, with which we strive to achieve optimal utilisation of the charging infrastructure. By requiring payment to charge your car, we can ensure that everyone who needs it gets enough charging time.

Shared bicycles @ the Science Park

The municipality of Boom has had a system of smart shared bicycles in place for a year now. The Cloudbike bicycles are unlocked with a smartphone application. You can pick them up and drop them off within predetermined drop zones. The Science Park is now participating in this project. In an initial test phase, Cloudbike is placing shared bicycles in four new drop zones in Boom and Niel: the Archimedes building (number 18), at the bus stop at the Delhaize (A12), at AZ Rivierenland and Niel railway station. They can be used by the participants to drive to and from the bus stop or station, to get a sandwich…. These drop zones and all others can be located via the app.

What’s to come!

Shared cars

In the future, as an employee, for work-related travel, you will no longer need to rely on your employee's private vehicle or provide a service car that is stationary for 95% of the time. When a trip is necessary, you simply reserve a shared car via a subscription and off you go! We are currently working with the municipality of Niel to make a number of shared cars available, one of which will have a fixed location at the Science Park. We will keep you informed of this.

Would you like to know more about mobility in the park?

"As a developer, we want to guide people and companies in their actions by offering a high-quality work environment and a diverse mix of transport modes. Together, we can strive to use energy and the environment sensibly in a setting with high-quality facilities and attention to everyone's well-being, that's what I'm going for. In the coming months and also in the longer term, we intend to invest in a number of facilities that make a positive contribution to greener mobility."