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ADM: expand your network, share ideas with professionals. The ADM network connects, inspires and coaches professionals, focusing on innovation, collaboration and customer engagement.


Growth – Visibility – Network
We all want to become future proof. We want to be more visible as a brand and as an employer. You need a strong and sustainable network to help you grow as a business.


Digital Business, Digital People, Inclusion
In order to become future proof, you need your business and your people to develop, to become and stay digitally on top. This, you can’t do alone: you need the minds, the knowledge and experience of different profiles, different departments.


ADM helps you reach these goals
ADM gives you the opportunities to build strong relations, gain more insights, get the inspiration you need and boost the knowledge of your organization. Meet other professionals from different companies, different domains, different backgrounds and with different expertise. Being a part of the ADM community also helps you increase employee engagement and the personal development of your people.


BRITA (BENELUX), originally a German company with over 50 years of experience wants to change the way people drink water sustainably. Water is our element
Our sole aim is to optimize water, and water is at the heart of all our activities. This means that we are shaping one of the most important markets of the future.

Our large brita family has a clear goal in mind and continues steadily on its path offering people sustainable alternatives to water in plastic bottles – whether that be for the home, for when they are on the go, in the hospitality business or in offices, clinics and schools.


BRITA water filter systems: Our smart filter solutions for at home and on the go, for your individual water needs and requirements.With a Brita water filter you reduce limescale and other odor and taste-disturbing substances, which gives you a delicious, natural taste.


Grandpharma created Grand Medical (Europe) (GME) in Belgium to oversee clinical trials abroad. GME is based in Incubator Darwin.



at.las (Leveraging Affordable Solutions for Advanced Therapies) is an ecosystem for companies active in advanced therapies. The initiative has been led by and primarily for researcher entrepreneurs who want to bring their therapy to the patient. Because the challenges within cell therapy, gene therapy and tissue engineering are huge, at.las is committed to sharing experiences, spreading know-how and connecting the right people.

Are you as a researcher looking for advice, for GMP research infrastructure, for financial resources? As a service provider, do you want to share your expertise with researchers? Do you want to stay informed about what's going on in the fascinating world of ATMP?


eu.reca is a knowledge platform that focuses on the human lung and the fight against lung diseases. The respiratory sector is in full evolution; there is an increasing prevalence of lung problems, but also an enormous drive to market new treatments.

As a catalyst for innovation, eu.reca brings promising start-ups into contact with investors, pharmaceutical companies with product designers, academics with entrepreneurs. The starting point is that we can facilitate the development of new technologies and therapies through interaction. Today eu.reca mainly focuses on topics such as air quality, asthma, composition of new medication and smart devices.


Sanaspray is a toilet paper spray with probiotics, an atomizer to moisten toilet paper and is thus a people and environmentally friendly alternative to wet wipes. The addition of probiotics ensures a clean and fresh feeling. Sanaspray ensures optimal hygiene and a fresh feeling after every toilet visit, enriched with more than 1,000,000 healthy bacteria per ml.

CPI Medical


Clinical Projects International is an innovative clinical research and development organization (CRDO) providing product development services for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries across our international sites.

We work as a full strategic partner to offer superior clinical results from early development to the pre-commercial phases. We manage every stage of the process from product development to successful Phase I to III clinical trials. With a well-integrated local presence in Europe and the Americas, our aim is to bring our partners’ products to market in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our pragmatic solutions are based on empowering our teams of experienced specialists with modern technology and novel approaches. Our constant objectives are to improve and to accelerate our partners’ product development and validation with efficiency and integrity.


Anicells wants to support companies in the valorisation of their cell therapeutic research by expanding and making a GMP-certified accelerator available.

This is a complete concept consisting of (1) GMP certified lab facilities, (2) qualified personnel, (3) experts with knowledge in medical logistics, engineering and lean manufacturing, (4) consultants with expertise in legal and regulations for the interactions with the FAMHP and CAT and (5) business developers for the support of the utilisation plan.

In this co-creation model, the companies can translate their research into a cell therapeutic product, start the first clinical studies, optimise the production process, develop the logistics process and start their implementation plan. The accelerator will be opened to SMEs, start-ups and spin-offs from different regions. As a result, anicells has the potential to accelerate the valorisation of academic and industrial research within cell therapy and thus facilitate the marketing of cell therapeutic products through spin-off processes.

With the support of Flanders ERDF, we aim - via the infrastructure, the training modules for cell manipulation technologists as well as the cell therapy cluster - to strengthen the innovation ecosystem around cell therapy and to reinforce the competitive position and anchoring of Flemish companies.


Cast4All stands for smart metering, monitoring and control software of heterogeneous equipment, both remotely and within the data center. Management software for distribution of DCPs (digital cinema packages) based on satellite and/or multicast communication.

IAS - Innovative Automotive Services

Innovative Automotive Services (IAS), is the company run by Mohamed Amrani and Alexander Swannet. Since 2012, they have been developing innovative training concepts and are achieving great success at both the national and European level.

IAS continuously forces itself to dare to deviate from the conventional training approach. They are distinguished by a diverse range of creative concepts such as task-based competence measurement, Studio-Based Training and the development of data-driven and individualised training.

Rialto Recruitment

Rialto Recruitment, is an Executive Search, Recruitment and Selection agency, specialised in highly educated technical and scientific profiles.

Success is our credo! We deliver results. Failure is not an option!

Our services that we can be approached for:

  •     - Evaluation of Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors
  •     - Executive assessments
  •     - Search for board members for Advisory and Board of Directors
  •     - National and international search mandates
  •     - Attracting engineers, scientists and technical profiles
  •     - Search for CxO, higher management and management profiles (corporate, sales, marketing, HR, IT)



SODECON is an innovative knowledge company specialised in soil remediation that offers consultants, developers, industrialists and private individuals sustainable, economic solutions for their soil issues.


Healthy living in healthy buildings. The bioOrg ecosystem of organisms helps you to purify the air quality in closed buildings, just like in the forest.


The Oryx, your perfect match in IT. The Oryx offers consultancy services ranging from SAP Customer Experience to ad hoc development services around mobile, cloud applications, both on location and in a virtual team. Oryx Group has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and Bulgaria and has 45 employees.

Banner Chemicals & Surfachem

With a large customer base, Banner offers its clients tremendous market exposure: the key to our ethos is the close collaboration we embrace with our customers and the world-class chemical producers we represent.

Surfachem Group, a company of 2M Holdings Ltd, is an international distributor of specialty chemicals. In partnership with leading manufacturers, Surfachem delivers sustainable solutions to customers in more than 65 countries by offering exceptional technical and logistics expertise. Surfachem, with headquarters in the UK and subsidiaries in Brazil, Poland, Germany, Scandinavia and the Benelux region, offers industry-leading knowledge and capabilities.

Surfachem's goal is to work in synergy with its clients and customers by delivering Chemistry for a Better Life ™.


Founded in 2001, Atlantae has grown over the years into a specialised Executive Search agency for experienced management, technical and commercial profiles within B2B technology companies. In addition to high level executive search, our services for our clients include: strategic change management advice and (career) coaching.


eTheRNA was founded in January 2013 as a spin-off company from the "Vrije Universiteit Brussel" (VUB), following the development of the TriMix technology by the VUB Laboratory for Molecular and Cellular Therapy.

eTheRNA is developing world-class mRNA immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. eTheRNA uses messenger RNA to unleash and enhance a patient's immune response against a tumour or infectious agents. Research shows that this approach results in long-term clinical remission in cancer patients and protective immunity against infections.

Exo Biologics

Exo Biologics is a biotechnology company focused on researching and developing novel therapeutic candidates based on Exosomes, known as extracellular vesicles. Its biological functions are known to include intracellular communication between cells, transfer of proteins, lipids, genetic material and signalling to the recipient cell via cell surface or endosomal receptors.

Currently, EVs have been studied for use as a drug delivery system for therapeutic administration due to the fact that they can cross the blood-brain barrier. Exosomes are gaining traction in the scientific community as potential alternatives to stem cell therapies. In recent years, an increasing number of publications have appeared on the unlimited fields of application that can be used for prognosis, therapy and as biomarkers for health and disease.

Exo Biologics has strong partnerships and influential collaborative and research networks for new medical treatments, including research centres, public universities and private partners. Our primary mission is to provide affordable and accessible therapies to patients with unmet medical needs.


BrightSpec is a young company founded by highly qualified scientists and engineers. The group combines technical experience in radiation detection and engineering techniques with broad skills in the sales and marketing of nuclear and X-ray instruments. BrightSpec also has extensive knowledge of modern programming techniques, programming and algorithms, databases and data communication, computer and IT technologies. This increases the future prospects of the company.


BioNotus is a European start-up focused on providing state-of-the-art bio-analysis services to clients involved in clinical and non-clinical research, drug development and life sciences. 

BioNotus has expertise in the bioanalysis of drugs and their metabolites in body fluids (e.g., blood, plasma, urine). Samples can be provided by hospitals and medical specialists. The added value of BioNotus is a rapid completion of sample analysis projects, in which the highest quality standards and legal guidelines are met. If desired and at the request of the medical specialist, BioNotus can also make recommendations for adjustments in dosage regimes.

Hemplab Institute

Hemplab Institute is an analytical laboratory specialising in plant analysis and cannabinoid detection. Analytical services from seed to product for industrial cannabis.

JooS Consulting

JooS Consulting was founded in 1998 with the aim of assisting companies with various financial and accounting services. From its original location in Antwerp, the company has grown into a solid and reliable partner. That's why multinationals turn to JooS Consulting for the support of their financial and accounting services, support & training during ERP implementations, cost calculations, balanced scorecards, etc. Their success is not only due to their integrity, but also to the carefully selected employees and partnerships.


Smart groundwater management will become increasingly important in the future. iFLUX therefore developed a measuring technique to measure at what speed and in what direction groundwater (and pollution in it) move underground. These flux measurements provide important information that helps in the management of groundwater resources, in gaining a better understanding of our groundwater and they help optimise remediation.


With Normalized Systems from NSX, you get a platform with which you can build sustainable applications. You can control and reduce maintenance costs, because you strengthen the intrinsic quality and structure of the application. This makes it possible to work on scalability, personalization and innovation without annoying side effects.

Normalized Systems offers every developer an environment in which he or she can focus on what really offers added value. The platform and the working method take your development team and your IT organisation to a higher level. You offer the team a feasible path to continuous improvement.



YUN is helping to build a new era of personal care, based on everyone's natural strength. YUN does this on the basis of good bacteria that protect, strengthen and restore the natural protective layer of the skin. Therefore, YUN has developed effective solutions for common skin conditions and personal care. In this way YUN helps its users to feel better in their skin.