Available Space

Labs & offices of various sizes now available for rent.


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Services & community

The search for the best experts or the right partners can be quite time consuming. But once you find them, it will give your company a huge boost. Discover our six services that we are happy to make available for your company because, in addition to a green environment, we above all want to be an inspiring environment. Need a break or new insights? Get to know yourself or your fellow entrepreneurs better during a lecture, a walk in the greenery, happy hour or a table tennis tournament. Completely without obligation, always a success.

Park Management

POM Antwerp tracks collective needs and gets to work on them. The Science Park focuses on three important pillars: safety, sustainability and accessibility.


We are making a priority of charging infrastructure, shared cars and shared bicycles. In addition, a study is being conducted into the possibilities of generating and distributing energy in a sustainable manner.

Networking Event


Meeting and seminar facilities: impress your customers and guests and enjoy yourself under optimal conditions.


Invest less of your own time in the search for the right professionals. Make use of our extensive network of experts on HR, legal issues, IP, CROs, recruitment, ...


Learning from each other's experiences, using each other's network, it can help you enormously as an entrepreneur. But then you have to get to know each other first. And that and that's just what you’ll do in our community at the Science Park.


Would you like to relax with a cup of coffee, a walk in the green, get some exercise or hit a ball on our ping-pong table? It's all possible here, so you can get back to work with a fresh mind.