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Labs & office space in various sizes currently available for sale / rental.

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Beagle 72p

A fully-equipped auditorium with a breathtaking view of greenery and water is what auditorium Beagle can offer you and your clients. This space is therefore extremely well-suited for training courses, presentations, lectures or press conferences. In combination with the foyer, this room is also suitable for networking events or symposia.


    Training courses, presentations, lectures or press conferences
    72 person capacity
    Panoramic view/lots of daylight
    Room can be darkened
    Sound system


    price/hour during office hours *: € 125
    price/hour after office hours*: € 195
    daily package: € 750
    * office hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

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Jill Van Hoydonck
Contact for events + communication
+32 3 240 68 41