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Exo Biologics

Exo Biologics is a biotechnology company focused on researching and developing novel therapeutic candidates based on Exosomes, known as extracellular vesicles. Its biological functions are known to include intracellular communication between cells, transfer of proteins, lipids, genetic material and signalling to the recipient cell via cell surface or endosomal receptors.

Currently, EVs have been studied for use as a drug delivery system for therapeutic administration due to the fact that they can cross the blood-brain barrier. Exosomes are gaining traction in the scientific community as potential alternatives to stem cell therapies. In recent years, an increasing number of publications have appeared on the unlimited fields of application that can be used for prognosis, therapy and as biomarkers for health and disease.

Exo Biologics has strong partnerships and influential collaborative and research networks for new medical treatments, including research centres, public universities and private partners. Our primary mission is to provide affordable and accessible therapies to patients with unmet medical needs.


Exo Biologics SA
Gailileilaan 19,
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